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Raise a Reader Infogram

Posted on: September 18, 2012


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16 Responses to "Raise a Reader Infogram"

I loved your “reader infogram!” Could I share it on my blog and include a link to yours?

I would also love to post this on my school library website, with your permission.

I would love to post this on my school website. May I do so with a link to your site? Also, is there a way to get a “poster” version of this?

We don’t have it on a poster. You certainly may post it on the school website.

I want this on bookmarks to hand out to parents! LOVE it!

Is there any effective baby carriers for twin babies?
I can picture a man travelling with a child strapped to the front side,
and another to the backside. Cant see it being a
very comfy formation.

[…] See on […]

[…] See on […]

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This is excellent. I particularly like “What changed in 4th grade? Parents stopped reading to children”. It’s so much fun to share a read-aloud book with older children. There are still books that they can understand and enjoy, but not yet read. It motivates them to continue improving and to try out different kinds of books.

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I’m collecting ideas for the September newsletter to parents and I love the way Nancy has promoted reading aloud to children in this great infographic.

It’s a very nice message, but the times don’t add up… With your numbers, your child’s day has 26 hours (7800/365=21.3 900/180=5). Also, children spend a minimum 6.5 hours a day at school, and at least 10 of the “at home” hours are spent sleeping, wich leaves (if they are lucky) 7.5 hours with their parents.

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