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Our awesome kids are learning about the world at amazing rates! The Beginners series of books can feed that learning desire while helping develop a wonderful love of reading. The books are packed with pictures and information that is presented in a way that grabs the child’s attention and engages their brain. There are headings on each page and then a little sentence or two to explain what’s on that page and then, more text broken down as we learn and explore. Text chunks are right next to the part of the picture that they pertains, which helps children comprehend words they may or may not have heard/seen before, whether they’re being read to or reading independently.

In each of the Beginners books there is a Quicklinks link which provides internet links to more info about that topic at about the same level as the book. This is an amazing (and safe!) way to support children who want to know even more.

Order box sets here We also have a Young Beginners series! These have fewer words on each page, more basic concepts and they’re created for younger children. This Young Beginners series has more illustrations and the Beginners series has more photos.

The Beginners series and the Young Beginners series both in hardback and are only $4.99 each!

If you’ve had a child who’s enjoyed finding that little yellow duck hiding in illustrations, they have probably been enjoying illustrations by Stephen Cartwright. Illustrator of the original Farmyard Tales books and many more books, he’s the one that hid the duck on each page. He passed away in 2004 at the young age of 54 after a series of strokes. I was fortunate enough to meet him at the UBAM National Conventions 2 times, 1999 and 2002. He was such a kind and pleasant person!! Do you think he might look just a little bit like Paul McCartney? 😉

His illustrations now live on with the support of a new illustrator, Simon Taylor-Kielty, who is supporting and complementing his work. It’s an amazing thing!

Poppy and Sam are BACK! Our kids LOVED Poppy and Sam from Apple Tree Farm! They used to be just featured in Farmyard Tales from Usborne Books & More. Now they have their own line of books! WHATTT?!!!
See all the Poppy and Sam books here

Stephen Cartwright, children’s illustrator, 12/29/47 – 2/12/04

We made playdough so much when our kids were little. We loved using Kool-aid to help the playdough smell good and to provide the color. This is our fave recipe for it.


  • ⅔ Cup Water *You won’t need this much – you may only need ½ cup
  • 1 Tablespoon Oil
  • 1 Cup Flour
  • ¼ Cup Salt
  • 1 Packet Kool-Aid


  1. Add oil to water that was just boiled. Leave in measuring cup.
  2. Mix the flour, the salt, and the Kool-Aid together.
  3. Pour some of the water into the dry ingredients and mix with a spoon. Keep adding water and work the dough until the color is uniform and feels like playdough.

You can store this in airtight containers or zipper bags.

1 minute recipe demo
Each recipe makes just a wee bit over 1 cup
Store in airtight containers or zipper bags

Share this recipe with your friends. It’s fun to share something so great! 😊

Are you feeling overwhelmed in managing your biz in social media? For those who are in direct sales, are working to promote a small business or are just looking to manage and bring consistency to your social media posts, CinchShare is the tool to use! Here are my top 5 reasons I use CinchShare to help me with consistency and if you have a direct sales biz, I suggest you give it a try! Create an account now to get 14 days of PRO account for free, then you can choose to keep the PRO account or just keep the FREE account and upgrade later.

One of my fave CinchShare features is….the nifty folder hierarchy to sort and organize posts and pics into. This isn’t even one of my Top 5, but actually it IS! Maybe I should have made it Top 10. lol

Time Saver

#1 – We all are busy! Being able to balance my Usborne Books & More biz and my family is crazy important. So scheduling posts in advanced is the #1 thing I love about CinchShare! With CinchShare, we can schedule posts to our Facebook Page, Events on your FB Page, FB groups that you’re an admin of, FB Events that are in your FB groups, as well as posting to Instagram and Twitter! I just do this when I have time to do it – generally for a week or two at a time.

Save That!

#2 – So often I’m out and about and have a great idea for a post and/or take pics I want to use later. I can literally pop them into CinchShare to SAVE to schedule later. I have the CinchShare app on my phone and use the CinchShare website on my laptop. No matter what device I’m on, I have full access to everything.

Let’s Party – On Facebook, and then Let’s Party AGAIN!

#3 – Building relationships is a very important part of business for all of us in Direct Sales! When we schedule the posts with CinchShare, we can then focus on chatting with the hosts, answering guests’ questions, messaging with individual guests and building that overall engagement. CinchShare does all the work in posting for me, usually those are 3-5 minutes apart, depending on what I choose. That party can then be re-posted (batch posting) into another party on a different date and time, AND I can easily change out specific words or links in those posts to be right for the next party. Here’s a quick video to show you that Batch Posting.

Need More Phone Space? Use the Bulk Photo Upload!

#4 – Yes, literally, you can upload hundreds of pics from your phone (or computer) into any folder you like in your CinchShare account! You’ll have them there when you want them!

Create Multi Photo Posts

#5 – Now that we have all those pics in our CinchShare folders, we can post them individually OR we can create MULTI PHOTO POSTS! This is AMAZING for direct sellers to show off products. I love to show books in an age range or in a theme or new titles from our latest catalog.

24/7 Customer Support

CinchShare’s support is top notch! The user guide has tons of helpful videos, which is how I learned to use CinchShare to begin with a few years ago. They also respond quickly to questions submitted. and their response time to emails and inquiries is quick. 

Promo Code for CinchShare

I hope this excites you to give CinchShare a try for YOUR business!! Just think of how you can use CinchShare to help you balance your biz and family time.
Create an account now to get 14 days of CinchShare PRO account for free, then choose to keep the robust PRO account for just $10 a month or enjoy the free version.

One of the TOP questions I hear about Facebook LIVE video is HOW DO I FLIP IT AROUND SO THE PICTURE ISN’T BACKWARDS? I like to go live and show awesome books from Usborne Books & More and really, that doesn’t work out so well if the books are all backwards! 📚 😂
You can flip it easily on iPhones right before you go live and here are the steps to do it in the image. I don’t think there’s a way to do it on androids yet.

Easy way to flip image from backwards to frontwards on iphone live video

Here’s how, step by step, to flip your image.

  • Click like you’re going to go live
  • Click the magic wand
  • Click the tool
  • Click the horizontal flip
  • Click to Start Live Video

Does this help you?

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10 Tips for Reading Aloud to Children

Reading aloud is one of the single most important things you can do for your child.  With our youngest child, I knew this so much that I began using it as a calm-down when she was a toddler and it worked so well!  As she continued to grow, during times of frustration we would simply grab a book and snuggle up to read.  She would completely change her mood to much more calm.  She’s in middle school now and still if she’s stressed, she’ll choose to read because she knows it calms her.  What a gift this is!  I wish I had given this to our other kids as well.  We read to all of them lots, but didn’t use it on-purpose as a calm down method.  If you find that this is true for your children, I’d love to hear it.

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Usborne Books & More – Customer Specials – May 2014

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Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

Literacy Tip




Magic Tricks for Kids

Here’s a fun website – Magic Tricks for Kids!

Kristen age 10 and her dad Ken have a pretty nifty website for children who want to learn magic tricks.

The Magic Tricks For Kids website shows children how to make their very own illusion equipment using simple objects from around the home.
A step-by-step video lesson teaches them how to perform their new trick like a master magician.
Fun, interactive and unique. You can do magic so check the site out http://magictricksforkids.org

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