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10 Tips for Reading Aloud to Children

Reading aloud is one of the single most important things you can do for your child.  With our youngest child, I knew this so much that I began using it as a calm-down when she was a toddler and it worked so well!  As she continued to grow, during times of frustration we would simply grab a book and snuggle up to read.  She would completely change her mood to much more calm.  She’s in middle school now and still if she’s stressed, she’ll choose to read because she knows it calms her.  What a gift this is!  I wish I had given this to our other kids as well.  We read to all of them lots, but didn’t use it on-purpose as a calm down method.  If you find that this is true for your children, I’d love to hear it.


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Magic Tricks for Kids

Here’s a fun website – Magic Tricks for Kids!

Kristen age 10 and her dad Ken have a pretty nifty website for children who want to learn magic tricks.

The Magic Tricks For Kids website shows children how to make their very own illusion equipment using simple objects from around the home.
A step-by-step video lesson teaches them how to perform their new trick like a master magician.
Fun, interactive and unique. You can do magic so check the site out

Read to your child 20 minutes a day...

Read to your children
20 minutes a day…

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