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15 years with Usborne Books and More

Posted on: September 17, 2009

Fifteen years ago this week, as a mom of two young children who wanted to stay home and provide the best possible books for them, I signed up as a consultant with Usborne Books.  The business and our family have both grown and grown over the past decade and a half.  With Usborne Books and More we have over 2000 consultants on our nationwide team with over 120 supervisors.  Our family now has our oldest child, Georgia as a freshman at Georgetown College (she was 3 1/2 when I joined Usborne). Calvin is 15, Martin 13, Camille 11 and Adelie is 3.  Tom and I enjoy our children so much and we enjoy the business too!

It was a smart decision to join UBAM and it’s still a smart thing to do today.  The company is incredibly strong.  The product is stunning.  The opportunity is without limit.  When I joined we had almost 500 Usborne titles.  Now we have 2000 titles including Usborne books, Kane Miller books, Learning Wrap Ups and Learning Palette

Tips to succeed in a home based business opportunity:

  • join a company who’s product you feel passionate about
  • share the opportunity to join the business as passionately as you share the product
  • help others succeed – when you help enough others find the success they desire, you be reaching high levels in your company
  • keep your family and business balanced – touch your business everyday, even if it’s for a few minutes.  Keep your family important activities as your prority and schedule your business around that. 
  • create a schedule of WHEN you’re going to work and do it then
  • know WHAT you’re going to do when you have time to do it – make a “to-do list”
  • provide customer service that is professional
  • smile and have fun – VERY important – when others see you enjoying yourself, they’ll want to join you.  And it’s important to enjoy your wokr
  • remember that your children are watching you – they’re learning from what you do and say.  They’re watching you set and achieve your goals.  They’re watching you get better and better.  They’re learning that they’ll be able to enjoy their work too.
  • your goals are YOUR goals – set them, own them, achieve them
  • believe in yourself

Life is grand!


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