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Posted on: October 14, 2009

I have just returned from 5 days out of town – I was selling Usborne Books and Kane Miller Books at the Southern festival of Books in Nashville and at the Ohio Association of Gifted Children’s conference in Columbus, OH.  It was a great time and I got to talk with such wonderful people passionate about reading and children.

In Nashville on Friday, the vendors were set up on War Memorial Plaza – it was 84 degrees and sunny.  The weather reports had said there was big rain coming and a drop in temps.  Boy, were they right!!  We were actually evacuated to the basement for an hour while the very strong winds and heavy rains whipped in!  We had 15 minutes warning to cover our stuff as best as we could, tie down the tent flaps and leave.  There was free wi-fi down in the Legislative Plaza, where we were waiting, so we were dry, safe and had internet!  🙂  When we came back outside, the temperture was only 60 degrees and it was raining.  All my books were dry!  YEA!  I had kept them in plastic bins the entire day and just had those on the tables, insead of putting books up on table racks.  Friday’s attendence was less than usual.  Saturday was a dry day, although the temps were more like 50-55, so much cooler.  Sunday was lovely with sunshine and 63 degree high.  It was a lovely event, as always!!

I got to stay with my “little” brother Michael and his wife Jennifer and to see their new home in Antioch.  That was a highlight, as I don’t get to be with them very often.  They’re doing well and their new home is amazing!!

The Ohio Gifted Conference was very nice and much less eventful.  🙂  The best loved books were probably Illustrated Dictionary of Math, Why?, 50 Optical Illusions, 50 Brain Games, 50 Secret Codes, Encyclopedia of World History, Science Encyclopedia , Understanding Your Brain and See Inside How Things Work.


Everything is good!  It’s nice to be home – back to emails, baking cookies, attending academic meet today, thinking about nice weather for the homecoming parade Calvin’s marching band is marching in on Friday.  Just a moment ago Adelie (age 3 1/2) was being the doctor and I was being the patient – she gave me a pretend shot and then put on a pretend bandaid – I asked her what was on the bandaid and she said “a worm!” with a smile.  🙂


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