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Posted on: June 14, 2010

Your kids will be writing because THEY LOVE IT!  I Love Words is a fantastic new book!!  It’s awesome for summer vacation activity – let’s help our children keep up and even improve their writing skills in a fun, engaging way!

This amazing book will have you playing with words and inventing new ones. You’ll turn yourself into a spelling super hero, build your own bookstore and even make a talking cake! Then there are the poems to write, the word riddles and secret codes to solve, the expressions to’ll be so busy you won’t even have time to copy and send love letters!

Here’s a peek inside this exciting writing book:

Reviews of I Love Words:

“…kids will appreciate the occasional edginess” – Publishers Weekly

“I am tired of all of the same old activity books for kids. Yawn. This one, however, is fun, sassy and engaging… The style is cool and casual, and kids will love the crazy word-oriented games and challenges.” – Kiwi Magazine Online

“As a middle school English teacher, I was excited to check out I Love Words by Françoize Boucher and published by Kane Miller. Perfect for “at the bell” activities, warm-ups or fun days, I Love Words can also be used at home for any youngster interested in improving writing skills or just having fun with words.” – Cool Baby Kids (April 2, 2010)


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