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Car Trips with Preschoolers

Posted on: June 21, 2010

Here are some tips to help make car trips with your preschoolers more fun!

Your summer vacations that involve driving can be more fun with some simple positive ideas.  You might want to print out a list to help you remember suggestions along the way.  Remember that getting there is half the fun!

  • PREPARE – have a little backpack or fun bag of entertaining goodies for each young traveler.  You might want to keep a few “tricks up your sleeve” too, so think of that as you’re packing. 
    The backpack might include:
    * books
  • * sticker books – Usborne has AWESOME sticker books!!
  • * toys – small things that need threading, small cars or things they can do something with
  • * pad of paper
  •  markers or crayons – washable are my favorites
    * 100 Things for  Young Children to Do on a Trip activity cards from Usborne – bring a washable dry-erase marker for this.  You could even hold punch them and put them on one or several key rings, so several children can enjoy.

Some people like to use portable DVD players in the car. You might want to check out some DVDs from the library to bring.  Bring a variety – movies, as well as educational animal shows, etc. 

Bring a cooler with some favorite snacksand drinks.  Keep it handy (not in trunk) to help occupy your darlings while in their car seats.  Bring plenty of drinks for everyone.  Using sippy cups can be helpful.  🙂

Be aware that you’ll need to stop for potty and excercise breaks.  Some say ever 3-4 hours.  That will vary, of course.  🙂  To help with flexitility some parents like to have a potty chair/training potty for young children. 

Listen to books on tape/books on CD. 

Play games like “I Spy with My Little Eye” and color games and counting games.

Take a favorite blanket and/or pillow for comfortable resting.

Remember your baby wipes and a few zip lock bags – these make for easier clean ups.  Speaking of clean ups – just incase some one becomes car sick, you might want to have an extra gallon sized zip lock back or bowl with a right lid available and nearby.  Remember an extra set of clothing. 



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