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Working Your Home Business Alongside Your Family

Posted on: June 29, 2010



Nancy Ann & Tom Wartman

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Nancy Ann & Camille age 1 on left, Ruth (my sister) and Roy age 8 months on right ~ photo taken at Usborne Books at Home National Convention June 1999

Books - You can't have enough of them!

Ask yourself:
If I spend each day as I did today,
will I reach my goals?

The flexibility home businesses provide is awesome! The opportunities are endless, yet the minimums are nice and low for times when your time is needed elsewhere. Balancing family and business can be tricky. I have a successful home business, which I have conducted alongside home schooling & my 5 children!  I’ve been doing this since the first two were very small, so my experience includes children of all ages. Here are some of my thoughts…

Our children are of utmost importance!  We want to play cards & games, take hikes, cook, explore and cuddle with them!  We want to be there, yet we need to have something to do ourselves, too!  So, we have a home business!  Do we ever find it challenging to spend time with our kids AND grow a business?  Yes, we all do!

When I look at my baby I don’t think of how I fit in feeding, bathing and rocking her. She’s part of our family. That’s how we see our home business – as part of our family. We nurture the business. The thought of stopping my home business would never cross my mind. What would that show my kids??? Our days are full of learning. The kids play or work by themselves sometimes and I can make calls or give them a special project while I make a phone call here or there or make some calls once my husband is home OR I may not make any calls that day. With consistent time and energy this business grows. It doesn’t have to be scheduled from 1-3pm every day – there are probably a lot of people who have something planned during that time and I’d never be able to reach them.

When we go out shopping or to the zoo or museum we come in contact with lots of people – what a GREAT opportunity to talk with people about my business!   When I do this I’m working right alongside our family’s activities – my kids are having a blast & I’m building my business!  Are other people interested in your business?  Sure they are!  You could start up a conversation about their kids & your kids.  You could ask if they work outside the home.   They’ll tell you.  Then you have the perfect opportunity to tell them about your home business.  Now, in my company, Usborne Books and More, I want people to join me!  I want to share my “gold” with them!  So, I invite them to join me in this business.  If you simply tell someone how wonderful your bag of homemade cookies are, without offing to share them, you aren’t sharing!  You want to share your business with everyone you come in contact with and by getting out with your kids you are coming in contact with a lot of people!  The “queen” of Sharing & Caring in network marketing is Ilene Meckley.   She has great tapes and a book on this subject, and interview to help you!

I don’t see our business as something to fit into our days.  It is a part of our lifestyle.  I’m so pleased to have this way to exemplify goal setting, work ethics, being your own boss, personal growth as an adult, and choosing who you work with. I choose to work with people of high integrity and with similar values – be they customers, hostesses, consultants, upline, downline, sister supervisors across the country and an incredible home office.

Actually running my business doesn’t take that much time each day – I make a list of the main things I need to do with their phone numbers or addresses or such:

  1. call Mrs. Bigspender
  2. call Ms. Platinum
  3. call Lady Haveashow
  4. email Ms. Newbie
  5. email my group about new information, upcoming meetings, etc…
  6. email recruit packet to Sally Signup
  7. make tomorrow’s list

This may be a full business day for me, done in 5-10 minute bits throughout the day and, thus, I am successfully building my business. (The other calls with my business friends when we talk about the birthday cakes we’re making – we both know that those are social calls with our great friends – that’s not really business). I think sometimes we have a hard time realizing where the line is between social and business time with home businesses – that’s part of the greatness – we love our jobs so much!

When I’m going to be making a lot of calls to customers… I let my kids know earlier, so that if they need my attention, they can grab me before I begin.

I do mark out family days on our calendar and I don’t work on those days. I usually mark off 1 or 2 days after busy business days for museum trips or zoo trips or picnics or whatever with the kids, partly as a reward for their being understanding while I was trying to get a lot of orders in. We’ve earned several trips and have taken the kids to Acapulco, Disney World, a cruise, Hawaii and Alaska to show them some of our earnings for hard work!!!

This is a family business for us and we work it alongside our children and our other activities. Not just when they’re taking naps. Sometimes I’ve taken my babies with me.  And my husband is wonderfully supportive, as this is something we’re doing for the whole family!  Our home business benefits all of us! 

I hope some of these ideas or thoughts might help you in your search for information regarding working a home business alongside your family and your other activities.


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