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Wow!  Conspiracy 365: November (Book 11) is now shipping in the USA!  It’s amazing that next month we’ll finally know the fate of Callum Ormond, his family, friends and foes.

You can order your copy of November today! 


Conspiracy 365: September - order at

Conspiracy 365: September is now available to order in the USA!   Don’t miss this latest release in the incredible Conspiracy 365 seriel novel.  Read how Callum Ormond manages in his latest situations.

Click here for Conspiracy 365 activity sheets & word puzzles

Conspiracy 365 AugustConspiracy 365: The engaging action packed adventure continues with Conspiracy 365 – August, Order your copy today!

To receive exclusive early releases each month, order your subscription today. It’s a great way to keep kids excited about reading all year long.

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 NEW MYSTERY SERIES! Chloe and Levesque

 Recommended age 11+, 240 pages, $5.99 paperback

Chloe & Levesque - Over the Edge, Book 1

Over the Edge, Book 1 – Chloe & Levesque

Teenaged Chloe Yan has had to leave behind her beloved Montreal to move to East Hastings, Ontario where her new stepfather, Louis Levesque has just become the Chief of Police. This Engrossing murder mystery series is clean and contemporary.




Chloe and LevesqueDouble Cross, Book 2 – Chloe & Levesque






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CLICK TO LISTEN to the ABC Radio National interview with Gabrielle Lord, Australian author of Conspiracy 365, teen crime series.


 Conspiracy 365   Listen in and enjoy!

At last…Conspiracy 365: July is available for immediate shipping in the USA!

Gabrielle Lord has authored this incredible series over the course of 4 years.  The books are coming out each month this year.  They are exciting crime books for young readers – my personal suggestion is ages 9 or 10 and up.    Callum Ormond is on the run and accused for crimes he didn’t commit.  The response has been fantastic.  I read them as soon as they arrive!

Conspiracy 365

Conspiracy 365: July

It’s here, it’s here!  Conspiracy 365 June is now shipping!!  Very exciting!

With seconds to spare Cal escapes from the burning wreck of the Orca. Helicopters search from the sky, while Oriana’s thugs chase on foot. There’s no time to think about his dead great-uncle – Cal must dodge the cops and crim’s, and return to his pursuit of the Ormond jewel.

Convinced Sligo has the jewel, Cal embarks on a dangerous break-in mission to retrieve it. He hopes it will give him the answers he needs, but what if it reveals another menacing mystery? Stealing from his enemies could prove to be a fatal mistake…

The clock is ticking . Any second could be his last.

Make sure not to miss one month!! Subscriptions available!
The Conspiracy 365 subscription allows you to pre-order the entire series and then it will ship each month as soon as the book becomes available. This will get you the book without having to remember to order the next book. The shipping charge includes a couple of dollars for each month to ship each month.

  It’s here, it’s here! 

  Conspiracy 365: May is now shipping in the USA!!  Order your copy today!

Here are activity sheets for Conspiracy 365 series:

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